Producing stunning projects is part of our DNA. We are committed to quality and cutting-edge creativity - irrespective of budget size.  
We always look for the best solution. We find the ideal artist and perfect match to meet your creative brief and expectations, since we collaborate with the very best. 
We inspire and love being inspired!
So we constantly search for local and international fresh talents and new bloods - as jury members of photography events, co-founder of the new talent competition „Weitsprung“, on international photography fairs and exhibitions and in the worldwide on- and offline media.


  • Worldwide network to artists, creatives and their representatives
  • We connect you with the best artist for your project, matching your creative brief & budget
  • Artist research (illustrators, photographers, set designer, stylists, hair artists, etc ) international & national
  • Complete shooting scheduling and timing
  • Project management including cost- and invoicecontrolling
  • Rate and fee negotiation
  • Full contract negotiation of collaborating artist
  • Crew recommendations and booking
  • Complete shooting organisation
  • Mood image research, pitch support
  • Rights clearance (licence, personal rights, copyrights, trademark rights)
  • Licensing & research stock images, estate photography, existing graphic art, historic images or collections
  • Curating (Expositions, Art books, free work)
  • Photographers consulting service, refreshing portfolio, website, personal coaching
  • Inspiration workshops
  • Creative consulting